CSAP Works for Psychiatrists and Their Patients.

CSAP is California’s leading association for psychiatric physicians.  We are proud to represent the state’s largest association of psychiatrists who commit daily to delivering the highest standards of mental health therapy. 

Through an array of tools, tips, news, and resources — combined with CSAP’s advocacy leadership at the local, state, and federal levels — we protect members and provide the support California psychiatrists need so they can focus on what matters most: patient care.

CSAP is a cooperative effort between the Northern California Psychiatric Society, the Orange County Psychiatric Society, the San Diego Psychiatric Society, the Southern California Psychiatric Society, and the Central California Psychiatric Society, and is open to all American Psychiatric Association District Branches in California. CSAP is the only association of psychiatrists in California comprised exclusively of American Psychiatric Association (APA) members and APA’s District Branches.


When members get involved in CSAP’s local, state, and national advocacy program, the success and influence of our policy agenda increases exponentially. It is through the collective power of members’ voices that CSAP advances the policy priorities important to you. 


To stay on top of the latest industry trends, data, and science, CSAP is here to help you access and navigate valuable resources you need to stay apprised of best practices and where the industry is headed. 

Education & Networking

CSAP’s networking opportunities offer members unique access to make important new connections and expand existing ones. That’s why we generate a wide range of opportunities to stay connected to peer professionals locally and around the state. Members gain value from our frequent educational webinars or participating in committees, all which offer exceptional opportunities to learn from colleagues around the state.

Effective Advocacy for Psychiatrists and their Patients

Through focused advocacy, professional education, and a diverse member network, CSAP is the state’s strongest and most effective association for advancing the quality and success of psychiatric care. On behalf of members and the patients they serve, our mission is to: