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Policymaking in Action

Visit the following sites to learn more about important matters and key players in California’s legislative and regulatory processes.

California State Senate
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Visit the home page of the California State Assembly.

Governor of California
Visit the home page of Governor Gavin Newsom.

State of California Legislative Information
This search tool, maintained by the Legislative Counsel of California, is the premier resource for finding information on proposed laws currently under consideration in the State Legislature.

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Electronic Prescriptions

CSAP, in partnership with NCPS and the APA, continues to explore ways to make the coming 1/1/22 e-prescribing requirement easier for you. NCPS staff have compiled the information below and with their permission, we are reprinting it here for the benefit of all CSAP members:

California AB 2789 specifically requires prescribers to employ electronic prescribing for all prescriptions and requires pharmacies to be equipped to receive said electronic prescriptions by January 1, 2022.

Many of you joined our electronic prescribing preparation webinar on Tuesday, August 31st looking for guidance and help with implementing eRX prior to January 1, 2022, especially in the private and solo practice settings.

During this webinar we heard your concerns about navigating and understanding the barrage of information, lack of practice admin or IT support, associated costs, etc. 

Below is information on three peer recommended eRX vendors that offer easy to navigate, stand-alone e-prescribing software suited for private/solo practice settings. 

Each vendor has provided a summary of their product, pricing and a demo video, with a link to sign up or how to contact a representative directly. There may be discounts for NCPS members, so be sure to mention how you found out about them. 

Each vendor has extensive experience working with veteran physicians navigating this technological change in their practice and are ready to walk you through the process step-by-step. 



DrFirst is the leader in stand-alone e-prescribing with over 300,000 prescribing customers. DrFirst has had over 1 billion medication transactions since 2000. Over 113,000 million in 2020.  

DrFirst will walk the prescriber through the DEA verification process if needed, provide training materials and initial assistance with getting started.

24/7 Support is provided by DrFirst employees. NOT a third party. The support representative can log into the live account and assist while on the phone. 

DrFirst provides training videos, manuals, pocket guide and weekly refresher courses free of charge.

For full details, including pricing options, CLICK HERE.

For a demonstration video of the product, CLICK HERE 

For more information, or to begin the signup process with DrFirst, email representative Eric Zimtbaum directly at and mention that NCPS sent you.



MDToolbox offers e-prescribing software that is easy to use and affordable. Join thousands of prescribers who rely on MDToolbox’s award-winning software. 

E-Prescribe Pro offers: 

  • E-Prescribe Non-Controlled Prescriptions
  • Electronic Refills + e-Cancels
  • Electronic Prior Approvals
  • Meaningful Use Stage 3 Certified
  • Built-In Time Saving Tools: Favorite Lists,
  • SIG Builder, Dosing Calculator and More
  • View Patient Formularies and Histories
  • Desktop Web Version + Mobile App
  • Free Patient Upload or Data Sync
  • U.S. Based Support: Phone, Email, & Chat

Free 30-day trial available with no obligation to buy. 

For full details, including pricing options, CLICK HERE.

For a demonstration video of the product, CLICK HERE 

For more information, or to begin the signup process for the free trial, visit or email or call 206-331-4420, option 2. Mention that NCPS sent you. 



ScriptSure is a full-featured standalone web-based E-Prescribing program. ScriptSure has been rated #1 for E-Prescribing. As it is web-based, you can access ScriptSure from virtually any web-connected device (iPhone, iPad, Android) or computer (laptop, desktop, tablet PC). The program is fully compliant with all DEA and HIPAA rules and regulations and is capable of Electronically Prescribing Controlled Substances (EPCS) in compliance with the controlled prescribing requirements.

  • Access to all ScriptSure Cloud ERX features
  • Use on any web‐connected device (phone, PC, tablet)
  • Technical Support 9‐5pm EST phone & 24×7 by email
  • Training (1 hour included) and training documentation

For full details, including pricing options, CLICK HERE.

For a demonstration video of the product, CLICK HERE.  

To set up an account, you can sign-up using this link: SIGN-UP OR, if you prefer, you can select a date and time for a representative to assist you in real-time: Schedule a Sign-Up Meeting. Mention that NCPS sent you.

On August 31st we held an electronic prescribing preparation webinar that covered risk management and compliance plus resources available through the APA. 

This webinar is available to view on-demand for those that were unable to attend or wish to view it again.

E-Prescribing Risk Management Slides

For a copy of the presentation slide deck from the webinar, click here

APA E-Prescribing Resources Slides

For a copy of the presentation slide deck from the webinar, click  here

NCPS E-Prescribing Resource Document

For a copy of collected resources from the webinar, click here