Adderall Shortage

CSAP and SYASL are directly engaging with the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to help find solutions to the Adderall shortage. As the only APA affiliated advocacy organization in California, CSAP has been working directly with APA. Your APA and DB membership gives you access to not just statewide advocacy, but also effective advocacy on the national level. CSAP is directly tapping into all of these resources and putting them all into play. Efforts are underway to set up communication directly with the Drug Enforcement Administration to discuss possible limits that are impacting the shortage. 
Additionally, SYASL is in direct and ongoing contact with California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s staff on this issue as well as prescribing issues generally. We have already gotten his office up to speed on how the national opioid settlement appears to have caused unintended ramifications. More to come. 

The full breadth of an APA affiliated advocacy organization is on your side and working together to solve the big issues that are negatively impacting you and your patients. Please continue to write in and share your stories and the issues that are impacting your your patients, you, and your practice(s).

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