Behavioral Health Rights Act

The Steinberg Institute has shared with CSAP and SYASL the language that  they intend to amend into AB 459 (Haney). We have discussed this in previous newsletters: it is an effort to put into state law rights similar conceptually to what is in statute with respect to developmental services. 
The Steinberg Institute has branded this proposal the “Behavioral Health Rights Act”. This branding is meant to reinforce that access to quality care is a human right, yet people living with mental health and substance use disorders continue to face discrimination in receiving the care they need to live full lives. The bill is focused on both the public and private systems of care and includes 4 key components: 

  • Bill of Rights
  • Mandatory Minimum Set of Services
  • Outcomes and Accountability Framework
  • Risk Corridor Funding Stratification 

You may view the language here and a fact sheet hereFeedback on this? Please email Paul Yoder.

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