CARE Court

What happens next on CARE Court? The Newsom Administration is reaching out to the counties in the first cohort (Glenn, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, San Francisco, Stanislaus, and Tuolumne). SYASL is included in this process and will try to ensure that programs are set up as intelligently, respectfully, and effectively as possible. These counties must have their programs operational by October 1, 2023. Planning money ($26 million) will soon be distributed to just these counties. Another $31 million will soon be distributed to all fifty-eight counties also for planning. There is a fair amount of flexibility with regards to the uses of this money. 

As reported previously, the counties requested – and got – a provision in SB 1338 that stipulates the CARE Act only becomes operative upon the Department of Health Care Services, in consultation with county stakeholders, developing a CARE Act allocation to provide state financial assistance to counties to implement the CARE process. This is with respect to additional – possible annual / ongoing funding. SYASL reports that this process is being initiated.

If it is easier to read an analysis of the bill rather than the bill itself, please see here.

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