CARE Court

The Judicial Council has released “Rules and Forms: Community Assistance, Recovery and Empowerment (CARE) Act (Proposal W23-10)”. The public comment period on the proposal runs from December 14, 2022, until January 27, 2023.  

It does appear that there will be “clean up” legislation in 2023, which can mean a lot of things. SYASL advocates are participating in various forums where changes to the new law are being discussed. Among the new proposals: allow counties to prioritize admission to services to those most in need as well as possibly expand the definition of diagnoses for which individuals can be referred and treated and provide explicit authorization for the counties to share medical records / history with protections against liability. Much more to come on this over the upcoming weeks and months. Reminder that Los Angeles County now wants to operationalize its program sooner than later along with the other eight counties in Cohort 1.