CMA and AMA Urge Court to Protect Patient Safety and Uphold Long-Standing Prohibition Against Non-Physicians’ Use of “Doctor”

The California Medical Association (CMA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) have filed a joint amicus curiae brief defending California’s long-standing law that prohibits the use of the term “doctor” or the prefix “Dr.” by anyone other than California-licensed allopathic and osteopathic physicians. In this case, Palmer v. Bonta, et. al., three nurse practitioners with Doctorate of Nursing degrees are suing state officials to block California Business and Professions Code section 2054, so the nurses can call themselves doctors. Read more

MCO Tax Ballot Initiative 

CMA and and the Coalition to Protect Access to Care have filed a statewide ballot initiative with the California Attorney General’s office to expand access to health care for millions of Californians. Their goal is to qualify the measure for the November 2024 ballot. You may view the language here. More on this next week.