Counties Celebrate New Intrastate Allocation Agreement for Opioid Settlement

After months of negotiations, California’s counties and local government entities involved in the state and national opioid litigation have reached an Intrastate Allocation Agreement with the State Attorney General’s office on local distribution of funds from the $26 billion national opioid settlement announced in July.

“No dollar amount can replace the thousands of lives lost to opioids in California, but thanks to the tenacious, many-months-long effort, funds from this landmark settlement can finally make their way to help local communities,” said CSAC Executive Director Graham Knaus. “We appreciate Attorney General Rob Bonta’s efforts to work with us and litigating counties to reach a solution that prioritizes treatment and prevention to repair the colossal damage caused by opioids.”

According to the details of the agreement published on the Attorney General’s website, 70 percent of the abatement fund directed to California will go directly to eligible local entities. Eligible local entities are defined as Counties and Cities with populations of more than 10,000 as of 2019. The state will receive 15 percent of the fund and the remainder will be distributed to litigating entities. This includes 51 Counties and 86 percent of the total population in California. The Attorney General’s website also provides the California State Subdivision Agreement for distributers and Janssen.

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