Eggman Behavioral Health Package

SB 965 – Conservatorships: gravely disabled persons

Senator Eggman’s staff has received some additional technical assistance from the Public Guardians on the practical issues they are having when it comes to sharing the appropriate history and medical information about a proposed conservatee with the court. The amendments are a little broader than staff thinks the committee will be comfortable with, but they want to get them in print. You may view the amendments here

SB 1416 – Mental health services: gravely disabled persons

Additionally, there are some amendments to SB 1416 that address two issues raised by the Senate Health Committee while still keeping the definitions relatively expansive. They will strike “personal care” but retain “medical care” and “self protection and safety.” The amendments also add the need for some level of potential danger or risk. This we feel is still encompassing of the folks we are seeing in the streets. You may view these amendments here

Press Conference 

Monday, Senator Eggman, CSAP, and others held a press conference to discuss the homelessness crisis and the mental health issues surrounding it. You may read SYASL staff notes from the press conference here. Doctor Renee Binder participated in the press conference on behalf of CSAP – thank you Dr. Binder!

Several Other Eggman Bills Advance – CSAP Provides Key Witness Testimony

Wednesday, the Senate Health Committee heard SB 1035 and SB 1227 both by Senator Eggman. Dr. Alexis Seegan provided lead witness testimony on behalf of CSAP for both bills. Both bills passed out of committee unanimously. Thank you Dr. Seegan!

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