Eggman Package Update

SB 1035 and SB 1238 passed the Legislature and have been sent to the Governor’s desk for signature. SB 929, SB 970, and SB 1227 are still moving through the legislative process. 

  • SB 1035 – Mental health services: assisted outpatient treatment
  • SB 1238 – Behavioral health services: existing and projected needs 
  • SB 929 – Community mental health services: data collection  (amended) 
  • SB 970 – Mental Health Services Act (amended with some technical changes in response to questions from the Department of Finance)
  • SB 1227 – Involuntary commitment: intensive treatment (amended to include technical assistance from the Department of Health Care Services)

SB 1154 was held on suspense in the Assembly Appropriations Committee earlier this month, and it is clear now that SB 965 and SB 1416 will not be moving in the Assembly this year. Senator Eggman has already committed to the co-sponsors (CSAP and others) that she will be reintroducing each of these bills in December.

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