Governor Newsom Talks Kids’ Mental Health in Fresno

This week, Governor Newsom unveiled California’s Master Plan for Kids’ Mental Health to ensure all California kids, parents and communities have increased access to mental health and substance use services. This plan is backed by a $4.7b investment to ensure every Californian aged 0-25 has increased access to mental health and substance use supports. You may view the press release and other materials below. 

To be sure, much of this involves money already appropriated in the 22-23 and 21-22 state budgets. However, it is great that the Governor is aware of what certain schools are doing and that he expects other districts and schools to follow suit. Also, the involvement of the First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom, and what is (more on this below under the AB 988 update) the increasingly apparent expectation of the Newsom Administration that private insurance plans cover more vitally needed mental health services. CSAP has worked diligently with Children Now and other statewide organizations so that the Governor – despite not declaring a state of emergency for children’s mental health, would nevertheless step it up.  An additional $290 million in the state budget and the Governor’s continued interest has resulted from this advocacy. 

Press Release
California’s Master Plan for Kids’ Mental Health
SYASL Staff Notes 
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