Assemblymember Arambula accepted amendments to AB 2724 Medi-Cal: alternate health care service plan, which would limit the bill to counties where Kaiser was already offering commercial plans. You may view amendments here

The amendments would make the following changes to the bill: 

  • Clarify the definition of dependent adults to include more than just those in conservatorships;
  • Clarify that the Medi-Cal health plan outlined in AB 2724 cannot be in a region unless they already have an established commercial presence in the same region;
  • Revert language on foster care eligibility to a previous version. The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) had originally changed the language on foster care eligibility in updated trailer bill language, but now that more advocates are requesting the original language, DHCS asked us to change it back to the April version. The author prefers this language to what DHCS had suggested and it is what was originally proposed by the Western Center on Law and Poverty.