At the most recent Government Affairs Committee and Board meetings, the decision was made for CSAP to not only support but to co-sponsor Senator Eggman’s package of proposed reforms to conservatorship and LPS law in California. As a reminder, the bills are as follows: 

SB 929 (Eggman) Community mental health services: data collection 
SB 965 (Eggman) Conservatorships: gravely disabled persons
SB 970 (Eggman) Mental Health Services Act
SB 1035 (Eggman) Mental health services: assisted outpatient treatment
SB 1154 (Eggman)  Facilities for mental health or substance use disorder crisis: database
SB 1227 (Eggman) Involuntary commitment: intensive treatment
SB 1238 (Eggman) Behavioral health services: existing and projected needs
SB 1416 (Eggman) Mental health services: gravely disabled persons

California’s Big City Mayors are also co-sponsoring this package of bills. You may view their letter here

For a list of CSAP-tracked legislation related to reform of conservatorship law and the LPS Act, see here. For all other legislation currently being tracked by CSAP, including positions taken so far in 2022, see here

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