Legislation – Looking Ahead to 2023

CSAP is interested in your thoughts about possible changes to California law that can help you, your patients, and your practice of medicine. The GAC and SYASL have been collecting ideas throughout 2022 but – if you haven’t already – now is your chance to make a suggestion for 2023. This will be the focus of the GAC’s work at its October, November, and December meetings. Literally all you need to do to proffer an idea is email Paul Yoder, paul@syaslpartners.com. Please get any ideas you may have to Paul prior to October 1. CSAP already plans to co-sponsor the bills in Senator Eggman’s conservatorship / LPS reform package that didn’t make it to the Governor in 2022 (SB 965SB 970SB 1154SB 1416). CSAP is also considering whether to again partner with Senator McGuire on issues relating to the early psychosis diagnosis and treatment. Other ideas as well – please feel free to add yours!

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