Last night, the CSAP GA Committee (with SCPS members included!), and the Board (with SCPS members included!), met to consider new positions on legislation, the Governor’s CARE Courts proposal, and the so-called “Fairness for Injured Patients (FIPA) Act. The GA Committee recommended, and the Board concurred, that CSAP oppose the FIPA Initiative and join the coalition of organizations fighting to protect the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) of 1975. You may view the opposition campaign’s website here. Positions on bills were adopted as follows:  

      AB 666 (Quirk-Silva) – Substance use; workforce development – Support
      AB 748 (Carillo) – Pupil mental health: mental health posters – Support 

      AB 1987 (Salas) – Postsecondary education: student mental health – Support

      AB 2032 (E. Garcia) – Emergency Alert System: Green Alert – Support
      AB 2034 (O’Donnell) – Local education agencies: Medi-Cal billing – Support
AB 2072 (Gabriel) – Mental health: natural disasters: personnel – Support
      AB 2666 (Salas) – Behavioral health internship grant program – Support

      SB 387 (Portantino) – Pupil health: school employee training – Support
      SB 858 (Wiener) – health care service plans: penalties – Support
      SB 861 (Limon) – Dementia Care Navigator Grant Program – Support
      SB 877 (Eggman) – Victim compensation: mental health services – Support
      SB 920 (Hurtado) – Medical Board – Oppose Unless Amended (delete Section1)

      SB 1019 (Gonzalez) – Medi-Cal managed care: mental health – Support
      SB 1140 (Umberg) – Opioid Settlement Fund – Support
      AB 1636 (Weber) – Sex offenses; physician licenses – Support

      AB 2551 (McCarty) – Firearms – Support   

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