Other Legislative Developments

Governor Vetoed

AB 1668 (Patterson) – The Governor vetoed this bill that would have had the Governor ensure geographic representation among the 10 regions of California defined by the 2020 census. The veto message can be found here.

Governor Signed

AB 2288 (Choi) – This bill clarifies that advance health care directives include mental health and treatment, modifies the statutory advanced health care directive form accordingly, and makes more prominent the requirement that the advanced health care directive be either notarized or witnessed by two qualified individuals.

Labels on Cannabis Products to Warn of Mental Health Risks

SB 1097 (Pan) – would require the packaging of cannabis goods to prominently feature a rotating series of warning labels about the health risks of cannabis use; requires all advertisements by cannabis businesses and services to also prominently feature those warnings; and requires the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC), in consultation with the Department of Public Health (CDPH), to create a brochure about safer cannabis use, which must then be provided to consumers by cannabis businesses.

“Today’s turbocharged products are turbocharging the harms associated with cannabis,” says Dr. Lynn Silver with the Public Health Institute, a nonprofit sponsoring the proposed labeling legislation, the Cannabis Right to Know Act.

Bill Matrices

For the most recent LPS related bills, see here. For the matrix of all other bills currently tracked by CSAP, see here.

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