Pharmacy Issues?

California Prescribing & Medication Filling Issues 

The American Psychiatric Association (APA), CSAP and California’s District Branches (CCPS, NCPS, SCPS, OCPS, SDPS) have recently received reports from members regarding growing difficulty of filling prescriptions for controlled substances and the unusual investigative activities of physicians by regulatory boards that seem to be related or triggered by prescription of controlled substances. To further understand these issues in California and ways to address them, CSAP and the DBs seeks input and examples from members. It uses condition logic so that you only get certain questions if you respond affirmatively to others. If you don’t want to go through all the options, this is the outline:
Your information
District Branch *Multiple choice
Practice city or zip code 
What is the general issue? *Multiple choice

  • Unusual investigations by the California DOJ and/or the medical board related to controlled substances.
    • Investigating entity *Multiple choice
      •   Cal DOJ
      •   Medical Board of California
      •   Other
    •    Please describe the incident (investigating entity if not Cal DOJ or MBC, stated or suspected reason, other details) Short answer text
  • Pharmacy refusal to fill medications (controlled substances or other psychotropic medications)
    • Medication prescribed *Multiple choice
      •   Adderall
      •   Non-Adderall stimulant
      •   Benzodiazepine
      •   Other controlled-substance (schedule II-IV)
      •   Non-controlled psychotropic medication (schedule V)
    • Pharmacy *Multiple choice
      •   CVS
      •   Walgreens
      •   Rite-Aid
      •   Mail-order service
      •   Other
    • Pharmacy identified issue *Multiple choice
      • address considerations
        • Is patient in a different state? *Multiple choice
          •    Yes
          •    No
        •        Patient’s city or zip code Short answer text
        •        Pharmacy city or zip code Short answer text
      •   medication dispensing quota or limit
      •   medication shortage
      •   requesting physician provide medical records or a plan for taper
      •   CURES-related concerns
      •   Other
  •       Other or additional issues and considerations Short answer text

You can access the form here. PLEASE fill this out as soon as possible to help your advocacy partners pursue solutions to these issues. Please note that you can fill out the form more than once if necessary.

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