Paul Yoder of SYASL testified before the California Board of Pharmacy on March 15. This Board has a standing item on every agenda for the public to request that the Board agendize issues for subsequent meetings. After Paul’s testimony, one of the Board members said the Board should agendize prescribing issues later in the year. SYASL has a meeting request in to the Executive Director of the Board to discuss next steps. Also, after the hearing, staff from the California Medical Association (CMA) contacted Paul to ask if they could coordinate more with CSAP on this issue.

SYASL is also in the process of educating more legislators about recent prescribing issues. A meeting is in the works for next week with the consultants in the Senate Business and Professions Committee, which – among other things – oversees pharmacy issues. CMA will most likely also participate in this meeting. 

Last but certainly not least, “press begets press”. What we mean by this is that oftentimes an article in one newspaper or report by a news station will result in other inquiries. Such has been the case in response to the New York Times’ recent article on prescribing issue nationally.  KQED and the San Francisco Chronicle reached out to CSAP this week and, once again, Government Affairs Committee (GAC) Chairwoman Emily Woods responded with lengthy interviews. 

According to APA staff, “California’s District Branches and CSAP are leading the nation on this issue”.