Prescribing Issues

Are you and your patients experiencing problems filling prescriptions for controlled substances??

Members from across the state are reporting difficulty filling prescriptions for controlled substances. While there are known shortages of some medications, the issue seems to be creeping outward such that patients are being refused based on non-shortage-related issues. Recent communications from the APA related that the large pharmacies are flatly denying problems and pharmacists are only reporting the shortages. 

We need your help to further understand these issues and ways to address them. If you/your patients have been experiencing problems, please use this link to complete a very brief survey. We need doctors from every District Branch to please respond to this survey. You can submit a response for each time you’ve had an issue.

CSAP Prescribing Issues Survey
You can use this form multiple times to report on different issues. The form also has plenty of space for prose responses. You can also email issues to

You may view more data on drug recent shortages here

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