Proposition 1 – Latest Poll Numbers

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) just released the results of their most recent statewide survey, Californians and Their Government. The survey findings include that “Fifty-nine percent of likely voters say they would vote yes, and 38 percent would vote no after reading the ballot title and label of Proposition 1, a legislative initiative which includes $6.38 billion in bonds to build mental health treatment facilities for those with mental health and substance abuse challenges and provide housing for the homeless. Majorities across demographic groups and regions say they would vote yes, while partisans are divided (76% Democrats, 32% Republicans, 56% independents). About half (51%) say it is a “good time” (48% bad time) to issue $6.38 billion in bonds to fund housing for homeless individuals and veterans with mental health or substance abuse disorders. Findings were similar in December (51% good time, 46% bad time). Today, shares viewing this as a “good time” vary by party (66% Democrats, 25% Republicans, 51% independents) and across income levels (66% less than $40,000; 54% $40,000 to $79,999; 46% $80,000 or more). When asked about the Mental Health Services Act—Proposition 63 passed by voters in 2004 to fund county mental health services with revenue from a 1 percent tax of income above $1 million—63 percent say that it has been mostly a “good thing” (33% bad thing). Seventy-five percent say the outcome of the Proposition 1 vote is important to them (29% very, 46% somewhat). Those who would vote yes on Proposition 1 are more likely to say the outcome is important to them.” You may view the full survey here

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