We are pleased to announce that the Southern California Psychiatric Society is enthusiastically joining CSAP so that California psychiatrists will have a strong and unified voice in Sacramento and are able to appropriately and efficiently advance the mission of the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Relative to this announcement, CSAP President Roula Creighton stated, “Our CSAP GA Committee, Board representatives and lobbyists have worked tirelessly to establish a strong advocacy team that is an effective voice in Sacramento. We are excited to announce that the Southern California Psychiatric Society has chosen to join us in this effort. We welcome their active involvement as we jump into a very busy legislative year. With the coordinated efforts of the Northern California, Orange County, San Diego and Southern California District Branches of the APA in representing almost three thousand Psychiatrists in California, we can realize true change for the mental health of Californians.” 

Welcome to CSAP all SCPS members!

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