Trying to Save Board and Cares in Los Angeles and Statewide 

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that “On Wednesday, Los Angeles City Councilmember Nithya Raman introduced a resolution to require the city to support or sponsor legislation or administrative action that would significantly increase board and care operators’ reimbursement rate, which combines federal and state money. Currently, they’re given just $40 a day per resident whose care is paid for through public benefits, and even though the state plans to raise its portion of the rate, Raman believes it will be too little, too late.” You may view the full article here and the resolution here. Assuming this resolution goes forward (it will most likely take a couple of months procedurally), SYASL will be working on this issue on behalf of local governments and the behavioral health community statewide, most likely Silvia Solis Shaw and Paul Yoder.