Universal Access Vs. Universal Healthcare

As part of his 2022-23 state budget proposal, Governor Newsom proposes expanding full-scope Medi-Cal coverage regardless of immigration status for those aged 26 to 49, who had represented the last uncovered age group of undocumented immigrants in California. The estimated cost is $819.3 million for half of 2023-24 and $2.7 billion annually at full implementation. Coverage will begin no sooner than January 1, 2024. Please see the links below for more information. Politico’s take can be found here.  As we have reported previously, many interest groups – including the California Nurses Association – have been pushing AB 1400 and ACA 11 in an effort to enact universal healthcare in California. It appears that the Governor is disinclined right now to entertain these bills in 2022 especially after his state budget proposal. However, you can expect the legislative debate on this to continue at least for a while. 

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