Workforce / Scope

The latest workforce proposal being worked on by a host of statewide organizations – including CSAP – currently does not include language around the scope of practice study, which had been previously proposed by the Steinberg Institute. Senator Wiener and Assemblymember Bauer-Kahan will champion this effort through the budget. Senator Wiener will also amend the contents of this proposal into his SB 964, which is mentioned above; a bill the GA Committee and Board will consider on April 21. You may view the draft proposal here. CSAP and several other statewide associations have asked to meet with the Governor’s staff to discuss the Steinberg Institute’s pursuit of a landscape study of all behavioral health professions and allow for recommendations back to the Legislature regarding scope of practice issues. A meeting is on the books for this late April. CSAP has, and will continue to, raise concerns about such a study regardless of the legislative vehicle and the need for appropriate guard rails on the study if it goes forward.