CSAP Sponsored Legislation 

CSAP has a new sponsored bill, SB 1184 (Eggman), which is now in print. SB 1184 proposes to modify Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) 5336 (Riese Hearings) such that the timeframe covered by judicial determination of incapacity to refuse treatment with antipsychotic medication

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Master Plan on Aging

The Little Hoover Commission, California’s independent oversight agency, has released recommendations to ensure there is progress in addressing California’s aging population. In its new report, Early Implementation of California’s Master Plan for Aging, the Commission reviewed early implementation efforts and “found much

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California law, pursuant to Health & Safety Code Sections §11480 & §11481, requires proposed research studies using certain opioid, stimulant, and hallucinogenic drugs classified as Schedule I and Schedule II Controlled Substances as their main study drug(s), to be reviewed

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