New APA Regional Director

Rachel Johnston started this week as California’s APA Regional Director for various states including California. Rachel has more than fifteen years of experience in public health advocacy. Throughout her career, she has conducted outreach to nonprofits and elected officials to advocate for and advance initiatives to improve health equity across the country. Formerly, Rachel served as a Senior Policy Analyst in the Texas State Senate and Legislative Director in the Texas State House, covering Health and Human Services and Veterans Affairs. As a consultant, Rachel has worked with the National Alliance for Mental Wellbeing, the Patient Advocate Foundation, and several states and municipalities. She has also worked with the National Alliance for Mental Illness, where she was responsible for training volunteers and connecting individuals to essential resources and services. 

In this role, Rachel will work regularly with CSAP’s Government Affairs Committee (GAC) and CSAP’s state advocates at Shaw Yoder Antwih Schmelzer & Lange (SYASL). Welcome aboard Rachel!

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